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The Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) has initiated a certification and training program to provide greater certainty of the abilities of professionals working in construction and related industries toward a sustainable built environment.

The Green Building Professional program is designed to specifically increase awareness of a core green building principle – better collaboration among all project participants and disciplines involved in a green building project. Therefore, a variety of relevant disciplines from Architecture, Engineering, Business, Finance, Law, Construction, Materials & Technology providers, and Facilities Managers are encouraged to enroll. Schedule the next course. 

The program requires ten courses; eight of which are required and two can be chosen from a selection of courses by the professional.

The courses will include both theory and practice from experts active domestically and internationally.

Following the development of other construction markets and local increase of green building activity, the certification is expected to increase the marketability to the professional’s services provided. The program is funded by the RoGBC itself and the course fees have been set to maximize access while ensuring the quality of the instruction and the training facility. The MoldGBC will provide financing options to help professionals who are negatively affected by the crisis to participate in the program.

RequiredLegal Requirements and Voluntary Certification for Green Buildings6 Hr
RequiredGreen Design Principles6 Hr
RequiredFinancial Considerations of Green Buildings6 Hr
RequiredManaging Green Building Projects6 Hr
RequiredSustainable Site Selection & Management6 Hr
RequiredLighting Design & Smart Buildings6 Hr
RequiredSustainable Materials & Resources6 Hr
RequiredBuilding Envelopes of Green Buildings6 Hr
OptionalCreating & Managing Greener Workspaces6 Hr
OptionalLandscape & Exterior Design6 Hr
OptionalCircular Economy6 Hr
OptionalGreen Homes Certification6 Hr

NOTE: Program participants can receive credit for one optional course taken with licensed providers of certification programs delivered by established councils of the World Green Building Council. These include, for example, LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, etc. Interested persons must contact the MoldGBC office for pre-approval.

* Optional courses can be updated according to the needs of our partners and projects.

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